Integrated Solutions

For our customers who require more dedicated assistance we provide a fully integrated trading platforms. Integrated trading platforms will ensure that when your business experiences an information technologies problem you are well equipped to handle it with grace and ease.


Servers We understand that small to mid-sized investment firms will not have the manpower necessary to monitor their servers. This is why we provide them with services to monitor their trading servers to ensure proper functionality while ensuring that your

Customer portals

At TradeFace, we offer the creation and support of websites to serve your customer’s needs. Websites that your customers can change their preferences including their risk profile, what markets they want to trade with and what algorithms they’d like to

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DAX futures

In order to better service a German investment firm that trades DAX futures, we developed a software bridge from Fibonacci Trader to Realtick using the Realtick API. While doing this, they requested that we help them to execute the signal for trading DAX CFD's on the Metatrader platform. In an effort to help stabilize the environment for the strategy, we placed three servers in three separate high-end data-centers. Along with redundant network connections and dual power supplies we were able to deliver on that promise. Additionally, we organized data-centers to be chosen in as close a proximity to their servers of their brokers as possible.

Next level

Thanks to TradeFace's bridge-software, we were able to take our business to the next level and exceeded all of our client's expectations.

Catastrophic server crash

After having a catastrophic server crash that could have ruined our business we contacted TradeFace to provide all our back up server needs and now we no longer worry about that happening ever again.

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